Frequently Asked Questions


•   I can't log-in, any help?
•   How do I update my profile?
•   Do I get a bonus if I refer people to StakeTrain and how do I this?
•   How do I deposit?
•   How do I withdraw?
•   How do I become a feature player?
•   At the events page I see 'S' and 'N' buttons, what are they?
•   What is 'stakeback'?
•   What is P/V?
•   The screen seems weird and off, how come?
•   I see a name attached to my profile, what does it mean?

•   I like to buy shares, but I don't know how?
•   How do I pay for a share that I bought?
•   I want to post event, can you explain to me how to do this?
•   Can I reserve shares in my own event?
•   Where can I find my event, now that it's set on 'Running?
•   How do I pay-out winnings?
•   I see badges on user profiles, what do they mean?

•   I bought shares in an event, but where can I check the details of the event?

•   How do I apply for training?
•   What information do I need to provide in order to speed up the application?
•   What is the best way to contact support?