What is StakeTrain

The Site For Personalised Poker Training and Poker Staking!
At StakeTrain we're offering members a chance to improve their pokergame. Apply for training and get 1-on-1 training with one of our poker coaches.
See for more info here. Aside from training with the help of a poker coach, we're offering pokerstaking.

Staking is to sell and buy shares in each other's events. For example: Poort wants to play the Sunday Million on PokerStars, but doesn't want to pay the full $ 215 so he posts it on StakeTrain. He offers 50 % in shares of 1 % each, which looks like this:
StakeTrain event
The system will automatically show that 1 % is the equivalent of $ 2,15. Poort can choose if he wants to sell at normal price, or for a cheaper or higher price. The latter is used if a player is confident he has an edge and therefore his shares are worth more than the equivalent. StakeTrain members can now purchase shares in his event and hope to profit with a win by Poort. After posting, 33 % is sold to user X. The remainder of shares is unsold and is added to Poort's share. So Poort has 67 % and user X has 33 % ($ 71,67), meaning Poort is putting $ 143,33 in the Sunday Million instead of $ 215.
StakeTrain event
Poort finished the event in 293rd place, winning $ 1000 and making a profit of $ 785. User X got 33 % and receives $ 333 and is therefore making a profit of $ 261,33 by purchasing shares in Poort's Sunday Million. In numbers it looks like this:
Don't forget to take a look at the forum and strategy pages as well and enjoy StakeTrain!