Author: JayeBeee

Rush from Micro Millions Series 2012

Hello to you all out there, so sorry haven’t been blogging much lately just extremely busy with work and planning for Xmas. Almost time for some holidays and only 4 more days of work left for the year 🙂 Here are some hands...

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Friday Night Fish

Currently playing 11$ Mtt on Pokerstars and played a few interesting hands during the game and thought id do a quick post. Approaching itm but really would love a top 3 finish tonight as i have had a awesome, really productive...

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Fishy File #1

Hello Poker Players from around the world this is JB and im here to share part of my journey as a Poker Player. Will call some of my posts the #FishyFiles and hopefully i can change the name based on some better results on the...

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