Currently playing 11$ Mtt on Pokerstars and played a few interesting hands during the game and thought id do a quick post. Approaching itm but really would love a top 3 finish tonight as i have had a awesome, really productive week @ work and totally stoked. Got a big weekend planned as it is currently in Festival mode here in my hometown called Fishers Ghost Festival which runs for 2 weeks 🙂

Hand 1 I had a tight image and only had played a few hands. Thought he had KQ QJ and made it look like I wanted a call on the river. Thank goodness he never called but I managed to get away with this hand and pick up those much needed chips.

Hand 2 now the way the this guy had been playing was tighter then me but aggressive in bvb situations and in position if folded to him….Hadn’t seen a hand from this guy in a few orbits so I took this line purely because I knew what he would do.

If I raised he would insta fold and I would pick up the blinds that’s it. Now I know I got very very lucky in this hand but my read was spot on and justice was served.

I will post my final hand of this game and may even post a few more interesting hands from this tourney.

Good Luck to all of us playing poker on this Fishy Friday Night.



This is the last hand ffs got too short due to others shoving and me being card dead- 1st hand new table happy to see this hand but dammmmn got crushed busting in 23rd place*

*edited after bustout instead of commenting.