Hello Poker Players from around the world this is JB and im here to share part of my journey as a Poker Player. Will call some of my posts the #FishyFiles and hopefully i can change the name based on some better results on the virtual felt sooner rather then later.

I am part of the Hachem Generation of Poker players from Australia- after he won the WSOP Main Event back in 2005 – I think a lot of Aussies thought that if one can be a World Champ then why cant we all? We had the MoneyMaker Effect and I like to think of myself as part of the Hachem Effect. I played Live Poker for a few years and still do ocassionally. I actually won a few local titles as the  season winner and made some good spending money and just bragging rights. It was really a sociable thing and use to stay at the pubs longer then i should have. Made some really great friends through these years at pub poker but i will save some of these #FishyFiles for another day 🙂

Recently started to use a HUD from Tournament Indicator and am going to try my best to become a more consistent winning player. Will also be seeking personalised training from Poort and another poker player who i respect but shall remain nameless for the time being.

I will give my self a few months, maybe a year using this HUD and will share my journey with you all. If no decent or consistent results i will quit online poker and concentrate purely on Live games at the Casino. Probably wont quit thats a lie, im a poker player and im here to stay.

I just  know deep down that i need to use all the possible tools available if i am to give myself a +EV chance at improving my game and being able to play my A game consistently. I know its gonna be hard to shake some of the bad habits ive developed over the years but i am prepared to start from scratch and committed to studying at least once per week.

So i wont bore you too much on my intro post, but i can gtee you a fun roller coaster ride and would like to wish us all good luck on tables – i hope to read some of your tales of the greatest game in the world. Would love for you to join me on my ride as a (wannabe) poker player and will do weekly blog posts on here and also twitter updates . So good luck and be sure to comment and link your poker blog so i can check it out.


#itsallaboutTheRunGood  (this deserves special  mention as to why i use it on twitter and will also have as a signature on here but will post the FF a little later)