Why should you use it?


Playing big means that you have to move your money around. A lot. You don’t have the time to worry about where your buy-in is coming from. So why not store it all in the same place? NETELLER’s online account makes it easy to deposit to sites and cash out, so all you have to worry about is the one thing that matters – winning.


NETELLER is an online account with an eWallet and a prepaid MasterCard®, perfect for playing online. Getting started is as easy as 1-2-3: sign up, deposit money and then transfer to your favourite merchants to start playing!

Getting started

Anyone in supported countries can sign up for an account and pay at sites hassle-free, but to get extended limits is just as easy. A verified account is also free; NETELLER only requires verification of identity and address in order to protect their customers and prevent fraud. This process is easier than most other companies because now most members only have to submit one piece of identity.

Getting your money online

NETELLER boasts at least one free deposit option to fund your account in each country, and most countries have several different deposit options. They accept most major payment providers and even vouchers to fund your wallet. Plus, they’re always working to add extra options so getting your money in and where you need it to go is simple and easy.

Getting your money back in your pocket

Cashing out at the end of the day back into your account is simple and convenient. Withdrawing your money from your account is just as easy with the Net+ Prepaid MasterCard®. This chip-and-pin card is linked directly to your funds and allows you to pull cash from any ATM that MasterCard is accepted. Plus, you can spend the money linked to your card in stores!

The globally best solution

NETELLER knows how important it is to have your money accessible all over the world. It supports over 180 countries and all of the world’s most popular currencies, such as EUR, JPY and USD. There are 18 currencies in all, and customers receive full support in 13 different languages.

Why choose NETELLER

There are many reasons to choose NETELLER over the other guys, but these take the cake: Copyright © Optimal Payments Plc. All rights reserved. Optimal Payments Limited is authorised by the Financial Services Authority under the Electronic Money Regulations 2011 (900015) for the issuing of electronic money. The NETBANX® trademark is the property of Netbanx limited. The NETELLER® and Net+® trademarks are the property of Optimal Payments Plc. Net+ cards are issued by Conister Bank Limited, pursuant to a licence from MasterCard International Inc. MasterCard is a registered trademark of MasterCard International Inc. NETELLER is a registered agent of Conister Bank Limited.

1. Champions of the eWallet world. NETELLER was established in 1999 and has been the leader in eWallet initiatives since its very beginnings. They created instant bank transfers over ten years ago, launched the world’s first global prepaid card program and was the first to open up Asia for western merchants. NETELLER was the first and has long since been the most trusted eWallet service out there.

2. Members come first. NETELLER, unlike most other eWallet companies, is a public company, and does well to answer to its customers. The company spends a lot of time coming up with ways to reward its members. They have a best-in-class VIP Program with tiers catered to specific VIP needs. The Reward Points program allows all members to earn their way toward cash-back, electronics and other excellent items. Merchant Showcase brings exclusive deals and bonuses exclusive to NETELLER members. Plus, on top of everything, they host many promotions featuring prizes like cash-back, reward points and merchandise!

3. Better fees. NETELLER has some of the most competitive fees out there. Not only do VIPs get a preferred FX rate at 1.5% or better, but currently their Money Transfer is free for all members. To see all of NETELLER’s rates visit here.

4. Guaranteed secure. Being regulated by the Financial Services Authority means that NETELLER upholds the highest standards of fraud prevention. The company keeps more than 100% of your account balance in segregated trust accounts so that there is never a risk of loss. Plus, NETELLER makes use of Secure IDs for merchant transfers, which allows you to keep your personal information to yourself.

Your money is 100% guaranteed secure. Your payments are easy and quick. Your needs are taken care of with 24/7 customer support – NETELLER is the clear champion of the eWallet world. Becoming the champion of the poker world is up to you. Sign up today.