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Dear StakeTrainer,

Great news – the new standalone Unibet Poker platform is now live!

We believe you should be as excited about this as we are; let us tell you why:

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Key benefits to players:

  • €500 playthrough bonus for new and existing Unibet players
  • Free €10 Cash Game Ticket (or currency equivalent) for all players in Sweden, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium and the UK
  • Freeroll Frenzy – new freeroll tournaments every hour of every day
  • Fresh and funky look – graphics from 2014, not 2004
  • Quick Seat lobby makes it easy to join a game
  • Customizable Poker Persona – create multiple aliases and avatars to suit your mood and stay anonymous
  • No trackers or HUDs allowed, providing a friendly environment for new and casual players
  • Achievements and New Player Missions add to the fun; some of them even give rewards
  • Playable via PC download, with browser, Mac, tablet and smartphone version to follow soon
  • More opportunities than ever to get a seat in the Unibet Open