Rush from Micro Millions Series 2012

Hello to you all out there, so sorry haven’t been blogging much lately just extremely busy with work and planning for Xmas. Almost time for some holidays and only 4 more days of work left for the year 🙂

Here are some hands I played during the 2012 Micro Millions on Pokerstars. Good luck to all playing poker and hope you enjoy the upcoming holidays with family and friends 🙂

Here was the start of the little rush

I always raise atc after i win a nice pot and had i faced some resistance i would def have folded in this situation, who knows maybe i might have called HAHA

I took control preflop and hit the flop and took it down. Other guy in the pot claimed to have folded AK but i told him if he had AK he would’ve definitely reraised me preflop.

very next hand but folded…..omg look

wow had I played the hand?? LOL But look the last hand

AMAZING RUN OF HANDS ALL WITH a 6 in my hand…crazy and was good timing after I won the first pot with QQ. Had i played the 62 i would’ve won 4 hands in a row…LOL.

omg this was the last hand from this tourney.

I had this saved on my desktop and finally found a spare minute to share it with you all. Unfortunately no deep runs in this years Micro Million series but  there is always next year and hopefully I can play more than 10 or so games in the series.

Good luck on the tables to you all.


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