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Home Game Highlights Video

StakeTrain Home Game Highlights – February 16 2013 Watch this week’s action on PokerStars. Starring “udntwryme”, “poort” and “sn00wm4n!”. Click for more information about our home...

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Personal Note from Poort

Dear StakeTrainer,   As some of you may already know I have been sick for a while now. Nothing too serious. But I am diagnosed with the “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome”. I am therefore not able to give poker training and to be...

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Home Games

Every Saturday at 13.00 CET and 20.00 CET we are hosting an exclusive Home Game on PokerStars. $ 5 Bounty on “Poort” and on “udntwryme” [embedplusvideo height=”345″ width=”565″...

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Poker: Skill vs. Luck

Poker: Skill versus Luck   People keep having the same discussion on which I will now shed my own opinion:  ‘Poker: Skill versus Luck’. First and foremost, it’s important to know that poker is a game of skill with aspects...

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How To Cope With Bad Luck

How To Cope With Bad Luck   We all know the feeling in poker. Losing every flip and being on the wrong side of every setup, like KK < AA. Unfortunaly there is no justice in poker. Bad luck is just bad luck. And losing AA...

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