Training / Mentoring

Want to be a better tournament player? Unhappy with your performance in SNG’s and MTT’s? APPLY! As a new trainee, you’ll be getting 1 on 1 training to improve your skills with one of our poker coaches. With the guidance of mentor Charlie-Robinson “Poort” Poortvliet, we will analyze your game and make a game plan for you personally. Sessions will be held using Teamviewer, a Poker Client and Windows Live Messenger or Skype.


– Teamviewer (free download here)
– Windows Live Messenger or Skype
– Poker Client


$ 100 per month (4 sessions) or $ 25 per individual session


Intensive weekly training:
– Session of 1 Hour
– Studying Feedback ( +/- 2 Hours )
– Bringing feedback into practice ( +/- 4 hours )
– Consults through mail for 1 hour weekly
– Live Support on Windows Live Messenger
– Free strategy articles and training videos

In the game plan, that we will make after analyzing your game and discussing your needs, we will set targets. By choice you can also list this game plan as an event on StakeTrain and sell shares.

Information about training

The mentor will rail you using Teamviewer in a session. That way your hole cards are exposed to the coach and he can see how you play. In this 1 hour session you can ask advice, but mostly this session will be passive. The coach makes notes of your games and will write a feedback report after the session. In this report your good and bad aspects of the game will be pointed out to you to work on.

After receiving this report, we expect you to read it carefully and try to apply it to your game. In order to improve your game and to let you fully understand the feedback we provide, we’re always available through email. We can discuss several hands and/or situations through email so don’t hesitate to use it!


Person X wants to beat micro sit and go’s, but has trouble doing this. His main flaws are patience and understanding position play. After analyzing the stats ( 100 games played at $ 2 , overall profit/loss – $ 43 ) and after the first session the game plan is as followed:

  • 40 x $ 1,10 45 Man SNG Month 1
  • 40 x $ 1,75 18 Man SNG Month 1
  • 20 x $ 1,10 9 Man   SNG Month 1
  • Total buy-in: $ 136
  • Goal: To earn at least $ 150 (net profit of $ 14)

When the goal is reached and both parties are satisfied, we will move further and make a new plan for month 2. If the goal is not reached or both parties are dissatisfied, we will try again for month 2. The net result for month 1 is + $ 14 and the goal is reached. Both parties are satisfied and want to continue:

  • 20 x $ 2,20 45 Man   SNG Month 2
  • 20 x $ 2,20 180 Man SNG Month 2
  • 20 x $ 2,20 18 Man   SNG Month 2
  • 20 x $ 2,20 9 Man     SNG Month 2
  • 10 x $ 2,20 2 Man     SNG Month 2
  • 10 x $ 1,40 90 Man   SNG Month 2
  • Total buy-in: $ 212
  • Goal: To earn at least $ 250 (net profit of $ 38)

In this example notice the volume is the same, but the games are different. The player is advancing and learning how to play different positions. We  adapt the plan to this personal skillset and continue to strive forward and teach at an innovative way.

We offer personalized training for players at any level. Our specialties are: Low/Medium/High Heads-Up, Low/Medium SNG’s and Low/Medium MTT’s. (Low/Medium/High represent Buy-in levels) We are sure that even the more experienced and winning players will benefit from a thorough analysis of their game by one of our coaches.

How To Apply

Applying for personalized training is very easy if you follow these steps:

  • Sign up for an account at StakeTrain:
  • Propose your expectations
  • Propose your strengths and weaknesses
  • If possible, provide us with your statistics

Mail these to and schedule an intake session using the ‘Make A Training Appointment’ in your user menu or make an appointement through mail.


In January 2011 I decided to take up the offer from StakeTrain to receive coaching from Charlie-Robinson “Poort” Poortvliet.. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, Charlie sat through 4 -5 sessions of mine for up to 2 hrs at a time. Within 15 minutes of the session ending I received a detailed summary of my game and where my strengths and weaknesses lay. He also pin pointed specific hands which allowed me to review exactly what he was referring to. These reports provided me with vital information to start plugging the leaks in my game. For me personally understanding position and shoving ranges was invaluable.

Charlie set me up on a few game plans that he felt were best suited to my style of play and I immediately scored positive returns from these. When I started with Charlie I was a break-even poker player on PokerStars. Within 6 weeks of receiving StakeTrain’s personalized training I went on to the final tables in $109, $55, $33 mtt’s and I chopped the $77 15k guaranteed. I can highly recommend StakeTrain for anyone wanting to go that extra step with their poker game.